To promote the sale of our traditional confectionery specialities we also offer our retailers and export customers Kalfany samples, which they can use selectively to carry out small, but nonetheless effective, taste tests on their customers. The sample products not only look tempting, they also have distinctive flavours. That is how we promote brand-awareness of our colourful multi-flavoured candies around the world and are able to convince potential customers and consumers of the great taste of our traditional candies recipes.


Among other things we offer to promote sales of Kalfany candies, there are secondary placements in the form of displays. We want to get closer to the consumer with our displays; therefore we create a second location in the sales area so that our products can sell directly off the shelf.


Kalfany has suitable shelf cartons for every product in its range. For example, there is a 10-piece package for the tins of Kalfany Classic and Kalfany Light, a 12-piece package for the tins of Kalfany Smart & Trendy and a 15-piece package for the 250-gram Kalfany bags. These practical shelf cartons are more than just packaging; they are also a great way of presenting the tins and bags on the shelf.