About us

Our passion as a food manufacturer is part of our success. We aim for high customer satisfaction and are determined to give all we can to our clients. We create products that are both customer and market orientated and we export our candy creations worldwide in over 40 countries.

As a company, we have a special responsibility towards the environment. Resource-conserving working methods and the reduction of emissions of all kinds are key elements of our daily work.

Our Philosophy: German Candy Tradition – Made in Germany, created in Black Forest. 

In fulfilling our varied and demanding tasks we are reliant on our qualified employees, who are among the most important elements of our company. We keep employees up to date through regular internal and external training programmes.

At the head of our company, Klaus Richter who competently leads the history of Kalfany.


Headquarters in Müllheim

Pulmoll Kalfany GmbH
Renkenrunsstraße 14
D-79379 Müllheim