Corporate Social Responsibility

We know about our responsibility and we take steps to act responsible and sustainable. The careful use of resources as well as energy-conscious behaviour leads at long-term to economic efficiency and best possible climate and environment protection.

We comply with legal regulations and laws. In addition, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental management system. Our employees are involved in the process and kept informed of new developments. We encourage our employees to contribute with their ideas and suggestions in order to achieve our goals.


Use of solar energy

We have, at both of our company locations, solar power plants installed with a total capacity of 554 kWp. We produce around 600 kWh a year, which is equal to an annual consumption of 150 four-person households. At the same time, we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by around 400 tons.


Rainwater harvesting

With our underground installed cisterns, we collect around 100.000 litres of water annually. This water is used for irrigating our outdoor facilities and leads to a reduced use of potable water.


Waste management

Through the consistent separation of waste, we ensure correct recycling of all recyclable materials. Biogas plants are used to convert organic substances into reusable energy carriers. The use of these energy sources, reusable containers for ingredients and raw materials as well as additives prevent also the production of waste.

Thermische Restwärmenutzung

Thermal residual heat utilisation

The thermal energy required for the preparation of our candies and gums is generated from gas. Through the use of modern condensing boilers and the reuse of flue gas, we reduce heat loss and increase efficiency by over 30%. This steps and technology reduces our gas consumption of around 500.000 kW.

Der Region verbunden – Der Zukunft verpflichtet

Linked to the region – Committed to the future

Pulmoll Kalfany GmbH is a member of the Citizens Energy Cooperative Südbaden (BEGS). The aim of the BEGS is to participate in the sustainable and ecological supply of energy. The deposits made by the members are used to establish and operate projects in the field of renewable energy sources:

Soziales Engagement vor Ort

Social commitment

We support regional social project:

  • The establishment of two full-day pre-school groups in the city of Herbolzheim
  • Broad support of local organisations and social associations
  • Food donations to “Tafel” (food bank) to help families in need