Selected raw materials are our top priority

The first quality controls take place even before the production stage. All raw ingredients are examined and documented in detail.

Kalfany adheres since 2003 to the IFS (International Food Standard), which demands an extensive certification during the daily production. The process is regularly audited by a specially accredited institute.

A short discovery tour

At the beginning of the production, all required raw ingredients are mixed and boiled together to 140°C. In the steam separator, almost all water evaporates. Afterwards, the liquid mass is flavoured in the inline mixer with flavourings. The final stage of the production requires the liquid and flavoured sweet mass to be fed into the moulding machine via a cooling belt. The candies get their final form and are cooled in a tunnel. After careful inspection, the candies leave the production.

Each step is documented and traceable at all times, which ensures high quality at the end of the day.